Inch Loss and Toning

Bio Slimming Wrap              2 hours                         £60

                     Course of 4 treatments                         £180

Arms can be added for an extra charge of              £10


Bio slimming is a revolutionary product which works completely different to other wraps. It is more that just a wrap! It contains a high concentrate of active ingredients, which have an array of therapeutic benefits from reducing the appetite, enhancing weight loss to detoxing, toning, inch loss and combating cellulite. You can expect to loose an average of 8 inches per treatment from the hour glass fugure.


Reviber Toning Plate            30 mins                         £30


Two months unlimited use. Designed for the far too busy or the physically unable to visit the gym, the Reviber plate is fantastic for improving core stability, muscle toning and muscle strengthening.


Vacuum Cavitation Slimming (laser lipo)

Using infrared red (IR) Radi Frequency (RF), Rolling Electrode and skin vacuum negative pressure, body tissue will be heated, blood circulation and lymphatic drainage will increase and fat metabolism accelerated. Fat cells will shrink, skin will tighten and contour and cellulite will be illiminated. After a course of treatments 65% of cellulite can be effectively removed or improved. Collagen and elasticity will be greatly boosted and increased.

Course of treatments only. Each treatment will take 40 mins



9 treatments                           £540

12 treatments                         £695

18 treatments                         £995